Sponsor a project

HERHealthEQ is constantly looking for financial sponsorship, strategic partnership and equipment donors.


Tanzania Single site


HERHealthEQ is looking to secure $11,000 to establish and upkeep a cervical cancer treatment site in Tanzania. Through an intro from partner Jhpiego, CEO Marissa Fayer and ED Michelle Skaer met with the First Lady of Burkina Faso and intend to partner with her initiative, The Kimi Foundation.  More information →

Equipment and Materials


HERHealthEQ is consistently looking to secure medical devices and equipment that can be donated to developing countries. Examples of these devices include thermal ablation or thermo-coagualtion units, mammography machines, ultrasounds and cervical cancer screening units. More information →


Tanzania 2 year project


HERHealthEQ is looking to expand the single site project to include five additional sites, expansion into Burkina Faso, and the upkeep of the systems for 2 years. This will include training of medical professionals, data collection and the service contracts of the materials.  More information →

Latin America expansion


Costa Rica holds a special place in the heart of HERHealthEQ. As the first location to be target, HERHealthEQ intends to return to expand its reach and deliver health equity to the women of Latin America More information →