Costa Rica

Hospital Tony Facio Castro

Paseo Dr. Rubén Umaña Chavarría

Limón Province, Limón, Costa Rica


The Details

Costa Rica was the first unofficial project for HERHealthEQ.

In October of 2013, HERHealthEQ teamed with Hologic and Fundacion Anna Ross donating a mammography machine to the Hospital Tony Facio Castro in Limón, Costa Rica.

The Statistics

From 2009 to 2011, the number of mammograms performed declined sharply from 2,600 to just 685 women screened annually for breast cancer, as their old mammography machine frequently went out of service.

The number of women dying from breast cancer has declined sharply since 2013 from 19 to just 12 in 2015, even as the number of women diagnosed with tumors has risen. More than 14,000 women have received screening with the new equipment.

The latest metrics from this project show that there has been a 4X increase in mammograms performed in the Limón region of Costa Rica. That is over 3000 screenings annually!