Esaote x Lutech x HERHealthEQ


Through 2017 and 2018, HERHealthEQ partnered with Esaote North America and Lutech Medical to secure the donation of an ultrasound machine and a colposcope, respectively. 
Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital, a Jamaican
hospital that serves a population of over 150,000 patients, was the recipient of the equipment. Despite serving a vast portion of Western Jamaica, including the 20 local primary care health centers that feed into the hospital, the hospital lacks many of the necessary resources to treat such a large population.

With the donated equipment installed in the hospital, HERHealthEQ Founder and CEO Marissa Fayer, and Executive Director Michelle Skaer traveled to Savanna-la-Mar to see firsthand the equipment in use. During their visit, they spoke with hospital staff and patients to gain a sense of how the equipment might improve services at the hospital. Click here to watch her 1 year review on the donation.