Providing access and delivering results.


HERHealthEQ wants to help healthcare facilities transform and equip themselves to effectively treat conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

We provide equipment training for doctors and other healthcare professionals as we believe that raising awareness among clinicians will allow for better accuracy in diagnosis and treatment of serious conditions.

With our projects to date, we are impacting the lives of women around the world by giving them access to high quality ultrasound imaging to assist in maternal health; breast cancer detection via mammography machine, and treatment of cervical cancer with the use of cryoablation and colposcopy equipment.

HERHealthEQ provides women around the world access to the EQuipment they need to live healthy and productive lives.

HERHealthEQ locates surplus medical equipment that has been returned to medical device manufacturers to be stockpiled. We secure donations of this equipment, the majority of which would otherwise stay on the shelf or eventually be thrown away.

We take the functional equipment and get it into clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities in developing countries that have the infrastructure to support proper use of the equipment.

Once equipment is secured, HERHealthEQ works with the device manufacturers to put a system in place to educate the local healthcare providers and technicians.

All projects include a 2-year minimum service contract for the donated equipment, ensuring a sustainable operating model. This is critical to combat the frequent problem that arises when healthcare facilities in developing regions lack the funds to service or replace equipment that fails.

Donations from YOU and strategic partnerships with both local and global financial companies, medical device manufacturers, corporations, and nongovernmental organizations assist in transport of equipment, training, and ongoing support through service contracts.

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