We are working on beginning the implementation for the first phase of equipment donations in the following areas: Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Singida, Mwanza, Kigoma and more.


The Details

This project kicked off in 2018 and will span over 3 years. The most recent trip to Tanzania was a scouting trip to identify sites and locations that would be suitable for our help. We have partnered with Tanzanian company SkyConnect who developed the cervical cancer screening platform called SEVIA, which leverages mobile health for real-time cervical cancer screening. 

Tanzania has a 38% cervical cancer rate. HERHealthEQ will be providing the cryo-ablation equipment to freeze pre-cancerous and early stage cancerous cells to stop their progression.  This enables the "See and Treat" methodology, as it can be done in clinic, instantly, and the procedure is painless and takes 1-2 minutes per patient.

While in Tanzania, CEO Marissa Fayer met with the several health directors of different regions to understand their health concerns and their priorities. They all indicated that their biggest women's health concern is cervical cancer. 

The Minister of Health and the Vice President of Tanzania, who are both women, have committed to screening over 3 million women for cervical cancer within the next 2 years. HERHealthEQ believes that screening is important, but the need for early intervention and treatment when cervical cancer is detected is crucial.

As of December 2018, CEO Marissa Fayer passed on our MedGyn Products, Inc. donated cryotherapy equipment. We could not have achieved this donation without the many donors and supporters who contributed to our Cervical Cancer in Tanzania fundraiser. Each one you helped us advance health care for women in need - thank you for your help!