Our Vision

HERHealthEQ's vision is to reduce female mortality in developing nations by providing access to medical device EQuipment, creating an EQuitable standard of care. Women are the cornerstone of the family unit. When a woman becomes ill and does not receive the care she needs, the entire family unit is at greater risk of remaining in a cycle of poverty.

We focus on providing equipment involved in the treatment of the top non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that affect the developing world which include cancers affecting women, maternal health, diabetes, and heart disease.

HERHealthEQ is driving health equity by providing medical devices and equipment to developing countries for women's health issues.


"A woman’s health is central to her ability to support her family and contribute to her community. The strength derived from good health enables women to move their lives and their families forward.”

-CEO Marissa Fayer


Our Impact



Women assisted to date

HERHealthEQ's efforts span multiple countries and cover a variety of health conditions. Since our founding in 2016, we have impacted the lives of more than 107,000 women and counting. HERHealthEQ’s projects in Savana-La-Mar and Tanzania are greatly impacting the lives of local women, increasing access to cervical cancer screening via a colposcope and treatment via Cryotherapy, as well as childbirth screening using an Ultrasound.


worth of wasted medical equipment (U.S.)

Often times when new equipment models are introduced, or a hospital changes vendors, or devices reach their expiration dates, they are unnecessarily discarded. In reality, they can easily be repurposed for use at other healthcare facilities around the world. HERHealthEQ secures donations of these devices and assists in bringing these perfectly good systems to places that would otherwise not have access.


Women die every year 

Pregnancy or childbirth-related medical issues account for the death of more than 289,000 women every year. The majority of these could have been prevented with sufficient access to skilled routine and emergency care. If women in low-to-middle income countries had equitable access to care, the number of preventable deaths would drastically decrease. Low-income countries have 10 times fewer physicians than high-income countries.

How we achieve



We Network

with hospitals, governments, and clinics to identify issues which can be alleviated with specific medical EQuipment


We Partner

With socially responsible and altruistic organizations whose values align with our mission and vision


We Procure

devices on a project by project basis through charitable donations from leading manufacturers


We Deliver

EQuipment EQuity Health outcomes for HER

costa rica

In October of 2013, HERHealthEQ teamed with Hologic and Fundacion Anna Ross donating a mammography machine to the Hospital Tony Facio Castro in Limón, Costa Rica.


Through 2017/2018, HERHealthEQ partnered with Esaote
North America and Lutech Medical to secure the donation of an ultrasound machine and a colposcope, respectively.


HERHealthEQ partnered with Skyconnect to deliver cryo-ablation equipment to freeze pre-cancerous and early stage cancerous cells to stop their progression.


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